10% Glycolic Polymer Solution - 1 oz.


10% Glycolic Polymer Solution - 1 oz.


Gentle naturally derived liquid exfoliant that penetrates follicles to work on deep ingrown hairs, hyperpigmentation from scaring, acne, and signs of aging.

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Glycolic Acid is derived from fruit sugar acids. It is a member of the alpha-hydroxy family. Some of the most well known are citric acid (from citrus fruit), lactic acid (from milk), and tartaric acid (from wine). Cleopatra’s legendary smooth and beautiful skin is thought to have been attributed to her penchant for milk baths. Our lab has reengineered nature’s work of art to be more precise in its effect. By formulating glycolic acid (AHA) molecules into strands (polymers) they can penetrate the skin’s natural polymer with a slow release of acidity. Our formula of glycolic polymer acids from rhubarb give you all the benefits without irritation. Skin becomes more refined, pigmentation spots become lighter, and acne prone skin improves.

How Does It Work?

Glycolic polymer solution, like sugaring, penetrates each follicle to do its work. Like draining a bathtub, this solution creates a whirlpool effect in the follicle cleaning out debris while centering and straightening each hair; guiding it out of the follicle and preventing those deep ingrowns that no amount of surface scrubbing will resolve.

European Union Certified

Do not over use. This is an active product and must be used with care.

All skin is different. You know your skin best.

Apply every other day being mindful of moisturization while monitoring skin. If dryness occurs, reduce application frequency, otherwise gradually increase to daily use.

Safe for use on sensitive skin and genitalia (5% sol.

Contact Natalie @ Sugaring Brooklyn for support and more specific usage.

Directions for Use

  • Cleanse area with Balancing Bar or Discoloration Bar.

  • Shake bottle well.

  • Squeeze dropper of solution into hand.

  • Pat solution generously to clean skin.

  • Follow with serum/oil/moisturizer.